The appearance day of Lord Sri Jagannath, named as the festival of Snana Yatra, is celebrated on the full moon (Purnima tithi) in the month of Jaishtha (2nd month of Bengali year). According to Skandha Purana, the Wooden Deity of Jagannatha, Baladev & Subhadra was once made and was established, Emperor Indradyumna celebrated this Auspicious bathing festival. Following the footsteps, ISKCON founder Acharya Srila Prabhupada started commemorating this festival, 15 days before the Ratha Yatra, in all ISKCON Temples around the world.  ISKCON Swamibag Ashram celebrates this festival magnificently on the premises on that very day. The Deities of Jagannatha, Baladev & Subhadra, from the inside of the temple, are brought to the bathing arena. Ganga water, various types of fruit juices, coconut water and many more paraphernalia are used to clean the Deities. On this occasion, the devotees come to the Swamibag temple, get the rare opportunity to see the abhishek (bathing) of Lord Jagannath Dev, master of the universe. In the entire abhishek program, all the devotees are chanting and singing the Holy name along with various Vedic verses, and this program is continued for several hours. Lord Jagannath reveals Himself in His Gaja-vesh (elephant-like appearance) after bathing. The delicious mahaprasadams (the remnants of food) are served among the devotees and visitors at the end of this program.

After that, Lord Jagannath performs fever pastimes (Lila) for 15 days. During these days, the medicinal herbs are offered to Lord Jagannath, and general people are not allowed to take darshan the Jagannath except the appointed worshippers. On the 16th day, taking darshan is allowed again for all, and from that day the chariot festival (Ratha Yatra) is started.