Damodar, a month of Gauravda year, named after the one of the names of Lord, Damodar. The word ‘Dam’ refers to rope and ‘Udara’ refers to the belly. So the word ‘Damodar’ means one who is tied to a rope around the abdomen. Devotees observe different vows, beginning at full moon night and ending at the next full moon, to please the Lord.
This verse of Lord Sri Krishna is described in the 10th edition of Lila Srimad Bhagavatam. The boy Gopal broke the butter bowl and made the mother Yasoda angry. Consequently, He was fearful, but somehow could escape Himself from the fear of Yashoda’s sticks. After a while, mother Yasoda grabbed her from behind and tried to tie Him with Udukhul (One kind of household Utensil) with help of rope. Despite of her hundreds of attempts, Krishna could not be tied up and the rope was always two inches shorter than it required. Realizing mother Yasoda’s efforts, Lord Krishna agreed to be bound. The highest level of Yashoda’s parental love has been revealed through this pastime. That means, ‘Ajita’, the unconquerable Lord can be conquered by supreme parental love.

Damodar Lila is one of the special pastimes of Lord Krishna, that’s why devotees observe and remember this pastime for a month. If one offers lamps this month with ghee or sesame oil, Lord Damodar becomes very pleased and eventually can easily attain Home, Back to Godhead.
Dated: 14th December, 2021