About Swamibag Ashram

History of Swamibag Ashram 

Around the end of the 12th Century, in the province of Kanyakunjya, in India, there was a Vaisnava scholar and Brahmana named Jibeseshwar Tewari. Once, on the occasion of Kalpavasa, an auspicious bathing ceremony (Snana Yatra), he came to Prayag Triveni with his pregnant wife Srimati Harapayi Devi. At Prayaga the brahman met a well known mahatma to whom he made a donation, at an auspicious time, which the mahatma accepted.

In Bengali year 1179, on the auspicious day of Sri Sri Rama Navami, Harapayi Devi gave birth to a handsome son. Since the son took birth in the holy place city of Prayag, the Vaisnava scholar named his son Prayag Narayana and his mother would call him as Venimadhava.

A few days after the upanayana ceremony (sacred thread) of Prayag Narayana, the mahatma came to Jibeseshwar Tewari and requested to take Venimadhava. Although Jiveshwar Tewari and Harapayi felt acute pain in their hearts, still they gave their son according to the mahatma. After this incident Venimadhava began to lead wonderful life with the mahatma.

After a year, according to the order of the mahatma, Venimadhava’s father arranged the marriage of Venimadhava with an eleven year old girl named Srimati Ganga Devi.  After witnessing a dream of the mahatma, Venimadhava joined the mahatma for an extensive pilgrimage. Whilst travelling in a place called Bithor, on the bank of Ganges, the  mahatma advised Venimadhava, ”…you will meet a great soul in Rameshwar, then fortunately you will meet a great devotee in the Himalayan province and take instruction from him which will bring about a special change in your life”. After instructing Venimadhava thus, the mahatma left his body. After six months Venimadhava met with Tailanga Swami in Rameshwar, who subsequently initiated him with the name Tripurlinga Swami.  Tripurlinga Swami then traveled to Bangladesh .He visited the Adinath temple located near Cox Bazar and Chandranath in Sitakunda. Finally, he came to Dhaka, and in a remote place of Kurmitola, he took shelter in the Dargah of an Islamist fakir named Khanjan Khan. In that Dargah, where Khanjan Khan Fakir used to worship Allah Almighty, Tripurlinga Swami worshiped Lord Shiva.  A renowned Zamindar of Dhaka city, Gopendra Mohan Basak or commonly known as, Akababu desired to donate 4 bighas of land, in Karati para in the old Dhaka city, to Tripurlinga Swami. In 1899 Gopendra Mohan Basak built a temple on the land and offered the registered property to Tripurlinga Swami, The property became known as Swamibag Ashram, and is still known as such today…In the Swamibag Ashram, Tripurlinga Swami established deities of Lord Sri Sri Bhim Shankar Shivalinga and worshiped Sri Sri Mangala Chandikeswari Kalimata. These deities are still worshipped today at Swamibag. Tripurlinga Swami passed away at the age of 150 years, in 1329 in Rama Navami Tithi. Swamiji was buried in this Ashram after his departure. After his departure the Swamibag Ashram was maintained by his disciples.
Around the year 2000, the then current priest of the Swamibag Ashram Yashoda Nandana Acharya requested ISKCON to maintain and further develop the Swamibag Ashram.  ISKCON accepted this service and continues to manage the Swamibag  Asram today. Now there are more than one hundred fifty Bramhachari devotees living in this Ashram.Following the footsteps of Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Srila Prabhupada devotees are preaching Krishna consciousness all over the Bangladesh.  At present, Swamibag Ashram is providing various social and spiritual educational programs to the community such as: Jagrata Chatra Samaj (JCS), ISKCON Youth Forum (IYF), Bhakti Vedanta Gita Academy, Mayapur Institute (MI), Namhatta, Bhakti Vriksa, Bhagavatam class etc. In addition Swamibag Ashram conducts a Food for Life program serving food, clothes, and medical services. In addition, there is the Monthly Hare Krishna Samachar, quarterly Amriter Sandhane Magazine etc. are informing devotees about various events. Being a member of daily service (Nitya Seva), is a great opportunity to donate part of ones income to the service of the Supreme Lord. Govinda’s Restaurant, supplying varieties delicious Krishna prasadam, is attracting more and more people. Prithivite ache jata nagar adi gramSarvatra prochar haive more ei nam Finally, our ambition is to revive the main principle of eternal Santana religion.