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  Amriter Sandhane

These books and magazines are the best weapons for our preaching to defeat the ignorant soldiers of illusion. The more we can publish all these books and magazines and distribute them widely throughout the world, the more we shall able to get rid of the world from suicide.

– Srila Prabhupada (Letter to Jayadavita, 8 November, 1912)

What you will find in the magazine

Lecture of Srila Prabhupada, science and spirituality, material problems, Vedic philosophy, Gaudiya Vaisnava philosophy, reader episodes, Question & Answer, nectar quiz, happy Krishna consciousness conjugal life, pilgrimage, real entertainment for children, topic related essay, known and unknown national and international news.

Annual charge of Customer thorough post office.

For a year = 200 taka

For three years = 600 taka

For five years = 1000 taka

For ten years = 2000 taka

For the whole life = 10000 taka

Price List for Advertising

Last cover full page (color) = 40,000 taka

End cover inner full page (color) = 30,000 taka

Inner full page (color) =25,000 taka

Inner half page (color) =15,000 taka

Inner quarter page (color)= 10,000 taka


Quarterly Amriter Sandhane

International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON)

Swami bag Ashram (Room No-7), 79,

Swami bag Road, Dhaka-1100.

Mobile: 01914573294, 01733208706 (Bkash)


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