Govinda’s Restaurant, is a pure vegetarian restaurant which provides a divine eating experience. How does it differ itself from other vegetarian restaurant? All foods are prepared with lots of devotion and love to Lord and subsequently are offered to Lord. Consequently, the foods become not only tasty but truly transcendental. It’s warm and calm ambiance is worthy attackable. During festival days as well as on Ekadasi day, it, having popularity, becomes very much crowded.


  1. To deliver nutritious, healthy, fresh food.
  2. To make the taste of Krishna Prasadam and make eventually the development spiritually.
  3. To promote 14hrs food supply facility considering lacking of coming Prasadam hall on time.


  1. Different types of rice.
  2. Different types of sabjis and dals
  3. Capati/Parata
  4. Desserts.

Timings :

From morning 7.30 to 9.00 o’clock at night.

 Contact us:


ISKCON Swamibag

79, Swamibag road, Gandaria, Dhaka-1100

Mob: 01734571897, 01712017761, 01794820818

Updated on 24th November, 2021