Bhakti Vriksha

The concept of Bhakti Vriksha (the tree of devotion) was explained by Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Himself in the Caitanya Caritarmrita-

ēkalā mālākāra āmi kāhām̐ kāhām̐ yāba.

                                     ēkalā bā kata phala pāṛiẏā bilāba              Adi-lila(9-34)

I am the only gardener. How many places can I go? How many fruits can I pick and distribute?”

What is Congregational Development Ministry (Bhakti Vriksha):

Bhakti Vriksha (Congregational Development Ministry) was established for the purpose of engaging every person in devotional service towards Supreme Personality of Godhead and nourishing one’s devotional life further. This program also make one in progressing in devotional life, and propagate the process which is introduced by ISKCON and is guided by scriptural injunctions.

Activities of Congregational Development Ministry (Bhakti Vriksha) in Bangladesh:

Various activities of Bhakti Vriksha are seen in different places of Bangladesh including Dhaka, Kumilla, Chottogram, Sylhet, Narayanganj, Brahmanbaria and so on. We can play a major role in the propagation of Krishna Consciousness by joining this association and can make the prediction of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu successful.

 Weekly activities: (a) Shraddhavan (b) Krishnasevaka (c) Krishna Sadhana (d) Prabhupada                      Charanashraya (e) Guru Charanashraya (f) Harinama Diksha (g) Pancharatrik Diksha.

Monthly Activities: (a) Life Inquiry Seminar (b) Learning Deity Worship staying in Home (c)                    Tenfold Rituals (Samskar) like Garbhadhanam (Conception), Pumsavanam (Desiring a male                    offspring), Jat Karanam (Birth Ceremony), Annaprashan (Offering baby the remnants of                          Vishnu), Upanayanam (Initiation by Spiritual Master), Vedic Marriage, Shraddha (Funeral) etc.                (d) Vedic Yajna (Vedic Sacrifice) (e) Nagar Sankirtan (f) Counseling (Devotee Care) (G)                            Damodar Arati program (h) Spiritual Study tour.

Srila Prabhupada’s opinion:

Everyone has to take the responsibility to extend the glories of Holy Name. Though Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is self-sufficient to fulfill this mission, He intends to give the entire credit to His devotees.

Our International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) has been formed so that people can lead a Krishna Conscious happy household life by establishing temples at home. Srila Prabhupada wants every house to be a temple. If we along with our family members want to make an ideal household life by praising the glories of Supreme Personality of Godhead, reciting Srimad Bhagavatam in association with devotees, and make your life full of eternal happiness, please join us.

Then contact Bhakti Vriksha:

Are you a doctor, engineer, teacher or businessman?

Do you want to change your ‘karma’?

Do you want to live an ideal Krishna Conscious life?

So why spoiling time? Join right now.

International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON)

Central Bhakti Vriksha Office

Swamibag Ashram, 79 Swamibag Road, Dhaka-1100

Mobile: +8801914-374357, +8801930379140

Updated: 21st December, 2021