Bhakti Vriksha is part of International Society for Krishna Consciousness

Bhakti vriksha class held at different locations in the houses of devotees and temple for two hours on a particular day of week at their convenience


The name Bhakti Vriksha, and its various terminology and hierarchical organizational structure is taken from the book ” Godruma Kalpa tavi ” written by Thakur Bhakti Vinode. Thakur Bhakti Vinode was the pioneer of Hare Krishna Namahatta.
Word Bhakti Vriksha is derived from Sri Chaitanya Charitamrita . The 9th Chapter of CC- Adi-lila is filled with the description of tree of devotion or Chaitanya tree

Organizational structure:

The structure of BV follows Bhaktivinod Thakura’s “Nama hatta organization”

  • Group – upto 15 members
  • Upacakra / Sector – 3-5 groups
  • Cakra / Circle- 3-5 sectors (9-15 groups)
  • Mahacakra – (36 groups)
  • Mala – 108 groups


  • Opportunity to learn our real identities.
  • Know your relation with the Supreme creator.
  • Know the cause of miseries of this material world
  • Understand how to revive the lost relation with God.
  • Achieve eternal peace and love of Godhead.

Special features of Bhakti Vriksha program:

  • Efficient in training
  • Flexible and interactive Sat-sang
  • Focuses on the Individual member
  • Economical and no “punishment” for the host
  • Upward growth for all
  • Versatile – open to all regions, cultures and age groups
  • Generates Sense of Belonging
  • Fosters Good Relations
  • Small Group of devotees
  • Meets every week
  • Personal one to one spiritual counseling, care.
  • Capable of addressing personal needs of members
  • Every member actively preaches

Weekly classes:

Six part of Bhakti Vriksha weekly meeting

Ice breakers

  • Getting to know each other better
  • Removes shyness
  • Generate Confidence to open up ourselves
  • Gives chance every one to speak
  • Learn appreciating ideas and views of others


  • Transcendental sound vibration
  • Nourishes body, mind and soul
  • Awakens love of godhead from within the heart
  • Creates divine environment

Mantra meditation

  • Meditation on transcendental sound vibration of Hare Krishna mahamantra
  • Soft chanting of Mantra with full concentration
  • Increases concentration
  • Generates self confidence
  • Reveals spiritual power from within
  • Gives peace of mind

Group discussion

  • Learn spiritual facts by discovery, understanding and application method
  • Share your spiritual realizations with others
  • Learn to appreciate views and ideas of others
  • Removes shyness
  • Gain confidence in public speaking
  • Learn how to lead a group discussion

Reaching out public

  • Tell others what you have learned
  • Talk whomever you meet about God and science of soul
  • Every day make new like – minded friends


  • Enjoy the higher test of sanctified food
  • Honor prasadam, remnants food which is offered to the Lord
  • Food which snourishes body mind and soul

Other Activities

  • Regular get together
  • Street Sankirtan
  • Cultural programs
  • Conducted tours
  • Festivals
  • Seminars