Food for Life

International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) is a well-renowned religious organization. In addition to the spiritual well-being, ISKCON is also involved with some social welfare, Food for Life is one of such programs which is being continued over 40years throughout the world. ISKCON Food for Life, as a completely non-political, non-communal, non-profit organization in Bangladesh, trying to make the distressed people smile by distributing food, clothing, shelter, medicine etc. It also has been playing a leading role in serving humanity in many natural disasters like earthquakes, floods and tsunamis.

Activities of ISKCON Food for Life:

  1. Distribution of food among street children, slum dwellers and school children.
  2. Distribution of food, Medicare and spiritual education among the prisoners.
  3. Distribution of relief to people affected by natural disasters.
  4. Propagation of spiritual knowledge in every sphere of life of people.
  5. Arranging scholarships and accommodations among the poor and meritorious students
  6. Providing medical services, medicine and transportation services at free of cost.
  7. Providing pure drinking water
  8. Distribution of winter clothes among the sufferer
  9. Orphanage and old home project
  10. Creating employment opportunities for youth through computer training.

We hope that you will join us in these noble programs and build a prosperous Bangladesh for all. Your small contribution will help us to expand all activities in this human welfare.

Contact :

ISKCON Food for Life

International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON)

Swamibagh Ashram, 79, Swamibagh Road, Dhaka-1100.

Mobile: +880199617920, +880174001300

Updated: 21st December, 2021