Guest House

Guest house facility is extended primarily to Life Member of the organization, other guest are also accommodated, subject to availability of rooms.  Life Member and well-wishers avail of the opportunity to stay in the guest house, in order to experience the peace of a spiritually charged ambience.  The spiritual vibrations on ISKCON Swamibag Ashram are the best stress busters for today’s life on the fast track. Guests get the lifetime opportunity to attend temple programmes from dawn to dusk and eat sumptuous Krishna prasadam during their stay here.

We have 8 rooms, 7 double- bedded and 1 three-bedded.

Basic Rules and Regulations

1) No eating meat, fish or eggs. Garlic and onions should be avoided.

2) No intoxication, including alcohol, marijuana, tobacco, caffeine or other drugs.

3) No gambling or mental speculation regarding the philosophy.

4) No illicit sex.


Contact Details

  • 79 Swamibag Road, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • (02-57163837
  • 02-47115638