IYF Courses


Discover Your Self Course

The six sessions course. It provides knowledge on the deepest and greatest secret of life. Thus one get the statement like ‘invest in yourself and take the inner road’. This course consists of below subject matter-
1) Can a scientist believe in God?
2) Getting the eyes to see God
3) Vedic wisdom – The Privilege of Humanity
4) Science of Soul
5) Substance and Shadow
6) If God is One, why there are so many religions?

Positive Thinker Course

People in the modern world, although endeavor for the success in technology, but they get stuck in their advancement with negative thinking. Therefore, positive spirit that very much needed to improve oneself in all aspects of life. This course provides such positive thing to grab the powerful message of Gita. People can thus identify a divine mentor in their life and consequently be fit to become a cheerful positive thinker having known the sublime truths. Topics are discussed as follows-
1) Spirit of Bhagavad Gita
2) Reincarnation – fact or fiction?
3) Evolving towards Perfection
4) Identifying my divine guide
5) Qualifications of an ideal Disciple

Self Manager

If you want to manage others, manage yourself first. Thus, one can make oneself by a holistic approach having the combination of knowledge of God’s position and practical application of mantra meditation. This course provides below-
1) Peace Formula
2) Who should be the object of my worship?
3) God and gods
4) Is God Personal or impersonal?
5) The Art of Self Management

Proactive Leader

Anger, lust, greed, lust and many others show our un-exemplary behavior in our valuable life. Being thoughtful, the proactive leader responses spiritually and positively against those enemies having known the illusion opposed to reality and their subsequent results. This course, having following topics, makes one such Proactive leader-

1) The three ropes that bind us
2) Surpassing Maya
3) Our lost home – Kingdom of God
4) Karma – the law of infallible justice

Personality Development

Developing personality refers to character, not to achievement of life. People remember the real personality through eternity. The application of the teaching of the Bhagavad in one’s all aspects of life, one can grow through life based on development of personality. The course consists of-
1) Essence of Bhagavad Gita
2) Creation and Universal Time
3) Different types of Yoga system
4) Practical Application of Bhagavad Gita
5) Passing the Final Exam


Workshops and camps

Sankalpa Festival
1. Scientific Basis of chanting Hare Krishna
2. Why we do what we do
3. Can faith be reasonable
4. Ascending from fear to love
5. Krishna Sudama Video
6. ‘Kailash’ Drama and discussion
7. ‘Mrgari’ Drama and discussion
8. “Your Ever Wellwisher” video and discussion

Sphurti Festival
1. “Krishna, The Supreme Personality of Godhead” PPT
2. Rekindling wisdom
3. Break free of all ties, live life wise and nice
a. Condition
b. Conditioning
c. Cut throat competition
4. “Prodigal Son” Drama and discussion
5. Importance of chanting Hare Krishna
6. Reviving Love
7. Tug of War – Karna
8. Workshop – Worship – Divine and Mundane

Utkarsh Festival
1. Six opulences of Krishna
2. Creation of the universe and The Three Purushavataras
3. Science behind Deity
4. Password for happiness
5. Why do we put faith in spiritual world?
6. Spiritual world – the place of mirth and merry
7. Jetage Gurukul
8. Madhurya Rasa and Radha Tattva
9. Dealings with Parents, Friends and Relatives

Nishtha Camp:
1) Prahlad Maharaj teachings to his schoolmates
2) “Narada Muni’s Past life” PPT
3) From Shraddha to Prema
4) Morality and Transcendental Morality
5) Developing Vaishnava Relationships – Krishna Sudama storyline
6) Guru and Initiation
7) Counselor System
8) Brahmachari or Grahastha?
9) “Simple Temple” Video and discussion
10) Lord Chaitanya, the purpose of His appearance, His philosophy

1) Inner transformation
2) Three pillars of trustworthy character
a. Integrity
b. Maturity
c. Non-envy

Updated: 30th December, 2021